• Question: What makes you passionate about your job that motivates you to go on?

    Asked by anon-290049 to Harry, Marjorie on 25 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Harry Piper

      Harry Piper answered on 25 Mar 2021:

      There’s lots of things that motivate me about this job. First, there are some really amazing people! My supervisor who is sort of like my teacher keeps me motivated every time I see her! I don’t always need the motivation but when I’m lacking motivation she can really pick me up! She has so much energy and is an incredible person! I also love the rest of my lab (we are the Executive Functions Lab, and we’ve just ordered lab t-shirts! Very exciting!) -One of the other things that makes me so passionate is being able to apply my passions. I created this topic based on my love of martial arts and from there it has changed and grown and become this awesome project! It also has the chance to make a real difference and that is really exciting!